About us.

We LOVE making donuts.


fter 14 years of making the tastiest donuts in Bakerfield, California from our family owned bakery, we felt a craving for the tropical life so made the move to beautiful Hawaii where we started our family-owned donut shop in Market City Shopping Centre.

Every Donut is hand prepared and cut, and created with local flavours and ingredients.

We offer a wide range of donuts and pastries and have something for everyone.

Come and see us today for your fix of sweetness – because everyone deserves a bit of sweetness in their life!


Freshly made every single day, our donuts are made with the highest quality ingredients. With dozens of varieties, there’s always something new to try.

Ice cream

A refreshing treat for those hot Hawaiian afternoons. Our ice cream is locally made and includes a range of local flavours that both tourists and ohana love.


The perfect companion for your light, fluffy donuts. A range of local roasts to give you the boost in the morning you need to get you through the day!

Get a little sweetness in your life.

Come and see us for all your cheat meal treats!